One Step at a Time

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One of the things I’ve been most nervous about taking steps towards public ministry is the amount and intensity of the changes that would occur in my life and in the lives of my family. The idea of leaving a job, moving, leaving friends and family here, and the other associated social and financial changes involved made me feel like I was standing in front of me as a mountain I wasn’t ready to climb.

Today, I made it through the foothills. After about 11 and a half years at State Farm, I will be resigning on 5/19. I’ll then be running my IT consultancy full-time. I’m most excited about this because I’ll now be geographically flexible. I do most  of my work remotely, so I could pretty much live and work anywhere there is a good internet connection.  Also, due to the nature of my work, if I want to go the kids’ school and have lunch, or help out on a field trip, of whatever the opportunity, I can flex my hours and fit it all in.

One step at a time!