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If you happen to be one of the two or three people who read this site regularly, you’ll notice that I have completely failed and at least one of the things I set out to do during this season of Lent: that is to post something everyday. Unfortunately, friends, the fact of the matter is that I don’t have anything that important or astounding to say. (And I’m also kind of lazy, and never fulfill my New year’s resolutions either, so no big surprise here.)

I also haven’t managed to do the exercising that I thought I was going to do, but I did make it almost 3 weeks if you count the week before Lent when I was experimenting without having anything alcoholic to drink. However there have been some life changes this month of relative significance that I thought necessitated a celebratory cocktail.

In any case, my failure to meet the goals I had hoped to during this season of Lent remind me of something even more important: that God’s grace is something that we do not earn. No matter how hard we try, no matter what goals we set, no matter what we do, we are incapable of doing what is required and being who we should be. But God is okay with that. And that, my friends, isn’t just good news–it’s fantastic news.

Jesus mission didn’t end with the cross because people were perfect. It went there because even though we were so imperfect God loved us anyway. Jesus even loved the people who had condemned and who were crucifying him so much to endure it that they too may receive the Love and forgiveness of God.

So when you and I screw up, when we fall short, it’s important that we remember that our failures are not the end. God has the end in God’s own hands.

Thank God it’s not on me to get it right. Because just like so many other things in my life, I’ve #NailedIt.